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As one of America’s top Independent Real Estate Brokers, Sissy Lappin has been named "Number 1 in most expensive homes sold" by the Houston Business Journal. With over 28 years of experience, her highly anticipated book, SIMPLE snd SOLD will teach readers the ins and outs of the real-estate game. Eliminating the often confusing and unnecessary middle-man.

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When civil rights activist was accused of fraud...the only help Bridges got was from Houstonian Sissy Lappin.


"The deals are in the houses that need to be redone..." Sissy shares with the Houston Chronicle.

"For a good deal, people will look over anything." Sissy discusses pricing with the Houston Business Journal.

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"Shrinking equity has caused consumers to take a hard look at ways to cut transaction costs..." Sissy discusses real estate with the

Wall Street Journal.


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