The founder of Lappin Properties, Sissy runs one of the most 
successful real estate firms in Houston; her 
company was recognized by the Houston Business 
Journal as "#1 in most expensive homes sold." Sissy 
delivers exceptional, one-to-one personal service and 
she does it all from one desk, with one laptop. 

Though highly respected in her industry, Sissy is 
considered a renegade because she is a one-man-show and not a large firm. 
Now Sissy has taken the proven system she used to build her home sales 
success and has created the innovative ListingDoor process that makes it easy for 
homeowners to price, list, market, and sell their own homes. From her beginnings 
in one of the worst real estate markets in recent history, she has successfully 
consulted and negotiated profitable deals all over the country. 

Sissy has a wonderful warmth and enthusiasm that translates into her writing. 
She lives with her husband and two children in Houston, TX.


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